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Plan International Australia has kicked off its promotional campaign for NJINGA by publishing an article in its biannual magazine Global Child, distributed to 90,000 letterboxes around Australia and further afield. For every copy of NJINGA ordered from my website before October 15th I will donate $10 to support Plan’s projects to break the cycle of poverty around the world. You can be one of the first to own a copy of NJINGA by pre-ordering the book in the next week or so. The book is 346 pages, with approximately 400 images and maps, and is 26cm x 18.5cm in dimension.

During the Breaking the Cycle in Africa Expedition I visited three Plan projects and was impressed by what I saw and experienced with the organisation’s child-centred approach to community development. I looked at the importance of girls’ education in Burkina Faso, the Baka Rights and Dignity project in Cameroon and an HIV/AIDS project in eastern Zambia. On my return I was also asked to be an ambassador for Plan’s Because I am a Girl Campaign.  These experiences are outlined in NJINGA and are three of the highlights of my massive journey from Senegal to Somalia.


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