…to my personal website where you can find out about my previous expeditions across Russia, through Australia and across Africa, and keep up with the latest developments of my new challenge – to cycle across the Antarctic continent via the South Pole.

Here’s a promotional video made by World Expeditions for my BREAKING THE CYCLE Australian Speaking Tour.

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Rushin’ around

Over the last six weeks I have been flying around the country on my Breaking the Cycle Australian speaking tour, travelling to Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth (presenting tonight). (We're hoping to do Adelaide if we can.) I've received some great press coverage in every state visited, promoting the speaking tour, the … [Read more...]

Breaking the Cycle…well cyclist, speaker, film producer, expedition organiser, real tennis pro

With my Australian speaking tour due to start in Hobart in less than three weeks, the drive to find sponsorship support for Breaking the Cycle South Pole becoming critical to make it happen this coming season, the making of the 10-part Njinga TV series in full flow and working almost full time at the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club, life is crazily … [Read more...]